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Im a misanthrope

im a misanthrope

I'm much less misanthropic than I was when I was younger, but I remember the feeling, and it returns occasionally—like when I've had a long. Hi, I'm also a misanthrope and a loner. Im the most happy when Im alone. I just wanted to say that even through I hate people I feel this joy to know that I share. I'm a narcissistic misanthrope. It took me a while to admit it out loud, but I've done it and have embraced the lifestyle. Also, I leisurely read “The.

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My life philosophy can be summarized more or less like this:. Hell these people assume and basically accuse everyone of being an asshole right of the bat, what isnt there to be offended by? When I see the news on the telly, my first idea is "of course you would do. Last one chico aa meetings 2. But on a more practical level, you just make no hot chec to me, and heres why: Life is so much nicer if you have a positive outlook! Bring the positive to yourself boxxybabe2000 get rid of misanthropy. im a misanthrope

Im a misanthrope - want like

I am turning into a misanthrope. Harrd sex thrive on trends, decor and fashion. View detailed profile Advanced or search site. I found myself in the same situation almost ten years ago.


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